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January - Carnation and Snowdrop

If you’re born in the month of January, carnations and snowdrops are the most meaningful to you. Carnations are the most popular January birth flower due to their unique ruffled petals and range of beautiful hues, from soft pinks and reds to whites, and more! Both these stunning flowers blossom in the winter time, however, you can still enjoy them all year round, even when there is snow on the ground!

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February - Violet, Primrose and Iris

While many people assume this month is representative of roses because of Valentine's Day, February’s birth flowers are violet, primrose and iris. Violets are dainty flowers recognised for their bold purple tones and heart-shaped petals. They are even a popular leading ingredient in love potions and herbal remedies to prevent different illnesses. Violets symbolise faithfulness, spiritual wisdom and loyalty.

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March - Daffodil & Jonquil

The birth flowers for March are Daffodils and Jonquil. Both of these are quite similar in terms of looks. In fact, jonquil is a type of daffodil (narcissus). Want to know more about these birth month flowers? Here is your guide on their rich history, meaning, cultural representation and so much more. Let’s dive in!

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April - Daisy & Sweet Pea

The duo of April birth flowers is truly unique: daisy and sweet pea. These flowers are not only beautiful but also carry different meanings – defining the spirit of April. Undoubtedly, these blooms will make you see this month and the people born in this month differently.

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May- Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are the two May birth flowers. Apart from being totally elegant, they carry deep symbolism. Plus, these blooms perfectly capture the essence of May

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June- Roses & Honeysuckle Carry

Rose and Honeysuckle are the flowers associated with June. Both of these flowers convey different meanings. Besides, they perfectly exude the vibrant spirit of this month

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July- Larkspur and Waterlily

Larkspur and waterlily are the July birth month flowers. They are specifically chosen for this month because of their vibrant colors and stunning appearance.

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August - Gladiolus and Poppy

August’s birth flowers are known to be bright, beautiful and bold. Gladiolus are tall striking flowers that are sometimes referred to as the sword lily because of their thin and long shape. These are available in a range of stunning colours, such as pink, orange, yellow, purple, red and white.
Gladiolus were traditionally used for medicinal needs.

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September- Aster & Morning Glory

September marks the fading summer and the beginning of fall. And its birth flowers – Aster and Morning Glory – perfectly represent that.

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October- Marigold & Cosmos

October has two birth month flowers: marigold and cosmos. Both these flowers are simply perfect in their representation of fall. Their vivid colors and fragrances perfectly signal the arrival of a new season – fall.

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November Chrysanthemum & Peony

November has two birth flowers: Chrysanthemum and Peony. These two beautiful flowers perfectly set the vibe of November.

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December - Narcissus and Holly

The December birth flowers are narcissus and holly. Although holly is technically red berries, they are the worldwide symbol for the festive season. They feature distinctive sharp leaves and bright red berries, and are known to represent fertility, eternal life, peace and goodwill.

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Birth Month Flower – What is My Birth Flower & Its Meaning?

There are different birth flowers representing each of the twelve months. And most people don’t know that each birth flower carries a unique symbolism. After all, these are said to represent specific qualities in the people born in that specific month. Moreover, they have become a popular gift choice for a lot of special occasions. Want to know what is your birth month flower? Well, let’s find out!

What Are the Birth Month Flowers?

Just like gemstones or zodiac flowers, birth flowers also have special meanings. This is why people love to delight their loved ones with birth flower gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. But did you know that the history of birth month flowers dates back to centuries ago. The ancient Romans that flowers bloomed in a specific month brought luck, protection and goodwill to that month. Since then, they became a part of a lot of cultural celebrations and special occasions.

Why are There Two Birth Flowers for Every Month?

Most of the months have two birth flowers each. These flowers are associated with every month based on history, culture and blooming patterns of several seasons. Furthermore, every month has a primary and a secondary birth flower. Why so? Well, this gives a broader spectrum of meanings and traits. Not all birth flowers can bloom in every region and climate. For instance, in some areas, secondary flowers are more easily available than the primary ones. So, with two options for each month everyone can find a flower that resonates with their personality.

What are the Birth Month Flowers for All 12 Months?

As aforementioned, there are different flowers for all twelve months. Let’s dive deeper and explore about the birth flowers – primary and secondary – each month has. Here we go…

Carnations and snowdrops are the flowers for you if you are born in January. The most popular ones for this month are carnations. Their ruffled petals and lively colors are truly a delightful sight. The meaning carnations exude varies based on their colors. However, they are known as the symbol of love, fascination, loyalty across most cultures. People love them because of their sweet scent and vibrant looks. 


And then there’s the secondary blooms for January – Snowdrop! These bell-shaped white flowers are a symbol of hope and a fresh start. Moreover, they are associated with personality traits like humility and loyalty.

Violets feature heart-shaped petals, a bold violet color, and a sweet fragrance. They are small blooms yet simply delightful. In fact, they are admired for their lively color and scent. Violets represent faithfulness, modesty and wisdom. And people born in February are said possess these qualities too. 


Primrose is the secondary birth month flower for February. You can find them in so many different colors including white, yellow, pink, etc. If you are into bright colors, this one is the ideal birth flower for you. They symbolize youth, beauty and optimism. With their history dating back to Roman and Greek mythology, these blooms are surely fantastic.

March is the beginning of spring and what’s a better representation of this other than Daffodils? These bright yellow flowers with a distinctive center fill the world with delight as they bloom. And their meaning perfectly resonates with the spirit of the Spring season. After all, they represent new beginnings and unmatched love. 


You can call Jonquil the twin of daffodils. They look identical but they usually have white petals with a yellow bell in the center. Apart from the appearance, they have identical meanings too: love and renewal. However, they also represent desire and friendship. And they are associated with personality traits like compassion, independence, and love.

Dainty and beautiful – daisies are the most popular choice for May birth month flowers. They symbolize innocence, bliss, loyal love and purity. They are known as garden plants and have numerous uses in medicine. What’s more, they are super low-maintenance and can handle poor soil conditions to some extent.

The alluring colors and pleasant fragrance of sweet peas is why they are perfect for April birth flowers. They bloom from late spring to fall and thrive in fertile soil. They represent friendship, gratitude, blissful pleasure and farewells.

Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley are small, delicate white florets that bloom for a very short time. They are also known to have a really sweet scent. Moreover, they are associated with hope, happiness, sweetness and being down-to-earth. They represent the gentle and loving nature of people born in this month.

May is the month of optimism and joy and Hawthorn perfectly represents that. These white and pink flowers are the secondary birth month flower of May. They bloom in Spring and prefer a well-draining soil to grow. Like lily of the valley, these also represent hope, happiness and also faith.

Roses are iconic and so are the people born in June. Yes, that’s right! Roses come in so many different colors and each color represent a different meaning. From the classic red to white and pink, roses truly fill the world with colors. Moreover, these magnificent blooms are associated generally with deep love, romance, courage, purity, joy and beauty.

Honeysuckle is a unique and delicate bloom. Just like roses, it also comes in a variety of colors. And they exude pure happiness, everlasting love and affection. Apart from this, they also symbolize sweet and strong connections among people.

The birth flowers of July – Water Lily and Larkspur – perfectly represent the bold and unique spirit of July. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, you can commonly find these flowers in borders, cottage gardens and cutting gardens. These vibrant blooms symbolize lightness and strong bonds. Plus, they perfectly represent the carefree and loving nature of people born in July. 

Water lilies symbolize renewal, enlightenment and purity. They are also associated with spiritual growth. Anyhow, you can find them in different colors and brighten up the space where they bloom.

Both of the August birth flowers are known to be bright, bold and beautiful. Here, we are talking about Gladiolus and Poppy. Also known as sword lily, Gladiolus are tall and thin. They come in a lot of colors – all lively and eye-pleasing. They exude strength, integrity and infatuation. 

Poppies bloom usually from late spring to early summer. Easily recognizable because of their distinctive black center, these flowers are surely a sight of delight. They represent imagination, dreams and eternal peace.

September’s birth flowers are the Aster and the Morning Glory, each has a unique meaning. The daisy-like blooms Asters come in a range of delightful colors. They represent love, wisdom and faith. Not just this particular month, they are a popular choice among flower lovers year-round.

Morning glories are elegant and visually striking. They are known to represent love, life, peace, and harmony. Together, these flowers beautifully convey the essence of this month. Hence, they are perfect for your September celebrations.

Unique in shape and texture, marigolds are October’s birth month flowers. They fill the space with joy with their bright yellow and orange petals. Their vibrancy represents optimism and prosperity. Undoubtedly, they are the perfect choice for all your autumn décor.

Bright and cheerful, you can get cosmos in so many different colors, from white to red and then some. They aptly represent kindness, resilience, harmony and infinity. They are a lovely choice to add a pop of color to your mundane bouquets and floral arrangements.

The color range of Chrysanthemums make them the perfect choice for autumn. Hence, they are the official flowers for November borns. From subtle pinks to yellows and so much more, the color range is a actually really diverse. Anyhow, these blooms symbolize friendship, happiness, love, romance and well-being.

Just like the primary November flowers, the secondary birth flowers – peony – also come in a lot of lovely colors. They are a symbol of honor respect and prosperity.

Narcissus, also known as paperwhites, is the primary December birth flower. They are a symbol of vitality, faithfulness, hope and inspiration. If you are born in Decemeber these delicate white flowers are the best pick for you. And the best part: they are pefect for container gardening.

Holly are not technically flowers. Technically, they are red berries and a global symbol of festivities. In fact, its been used as a decorative plant for centuries now. These bright red berries with distinctive sharp leaves represent fertility, eternity, peace and goodwill.

Explore About Your Birth Flower at My Birth Flowers!

Wanted to know about your birth month flower? Or wanted something meaningful to celebrate your special someone? The above guide has you covered. From carnations to roses and marigolds, find out which birth flower matches your or loved one’s personality – easily so! At My Birth Flowers, you can explore everything you need to know about the mean secondary and primary birth month flowers. So, get ready to speak the language of flowers!